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Our Horses


13.3 Hand Welsh/Quarter Pony

Western and English trained. Super quiet, smoothest trot ever!  This calm and sturdy guy is suitable for our most timid beginners, as well as larger teens.  Everyone loves his gentle personality. 


12.3 Hand Chincoteaque Island Pony

Great move-up Pony for beginners or intermediate riders. She is gorgeous and knows her stuff.  She will gladly take your child to the next level.


15 Hand Tennessee Walking Horse

Wonder is our gaited horse. Suitable for confident beginners to advanced students. Super smooth at all speeds. Wonder is wonderful! Great at gaming. Wins "Red Light, Green Light" regularly due to her upbeat tempo.



15.3 Standardbred mare. She is gentle as they come.  Pastel is safe for the smallest beginners and will trot all day!  She is super happy to be part of our family.  A rescue horse from the Standardbred Retirement Foundation.

Hollywood and Chance our two old gentlemen have earned their retirement.  We are happy to announce they are both safe and happy in their new forever farm homes with folks that have known and loved them for years!  A fond farewell to two horses that put smiles on the faces of hundreds of kids . . . and lots of grownups too!

IMG_0007 (2).JPG

Sammie so-so has found a new forever home near the Assunpink State Park. He will live out his remaining days enjoying long trail rides with a new Standardbred buddy followed by endless grazing in some really lush meadows. Happy trails big guy!

SAM I AM - Crossed Rainbow Bridge 2017

16.1 Hand Warmblood Cross

We miss our gentle giant, Sam, who was ridden by our tiniest riders.  He was a babysitter. Young, old, big or small, Sam handled all riders.  He did however get the "Big sissy" award 2013 Horse Camp after we added balloons to our obstacle course.  He was NOT a fan!

SUZIE   1985-2015

Rest in Peace little girl.  You were simply the best lesson pony ever!  Steady and true.  You were always ready and willing to give children your best! You were so patient as they climbed all over you, sometimes pulled too hard on your reins, or were overly exhuberant in their hugs! No pony can ever replace you!  You've left your hoofprints in the hearts of thousands. Happy grazing over the rainbow bridge. You are missed.

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